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"Does banning illegal logging rule out wood?"

Implications of recent trade legislation within the EU

13th April 2011


   1. To better understand recent trade legislation in the UNECE region, in particular the Lacey Act Amendment (2008) and the EU’s “Timber Regulation”, their implications for and likely impacts on the global forest-based sector;
   2. To stimulate focused stakeholder discussion as a basis for drawing workshop conclusions and possible recommendations which will be publicly available.


Expected outputs:

* Broadened awareness of the legislation, its implications and impacts amongst sectoral stakeholders as well as other interested parties;
* Conclusions and recommendations to be available to policy-makers and others, including for consideration during the future development and implementation of such legislation. (Preliminary (Chairmen’s) conclusions and recommendations will be drawn up during the workshop and presented in the closing session. Further contributions may then be received in writing from participants as inputs to a set of enhanced conclusions and recommendations which will be made publicly available, including to the relevant EU and USA authorities).


Target audience:

* Wood traders (firms, federations and associations);
* Wood and wood-based products’ manufacturers (firms, federations and associations);
* End users of wood and wood-based products, including architects’ associations.
* Government departments, especially policy-makers and implementers.
* UN and other inter-governmental bodies.
* Other non-governmental agencies, including ENGOs, certification bodies, etc.  



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