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International Day of Forests

Forests cover one third of the Earth's land mass, performing vital functions around the world. Around 1.6 billion people - including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures - depend on forests for their livelihood.

21st March to 30th April 2014

Forests are the most biologically-diverse ecosystems on land, home to more than half of the terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects. Forests also provide shelter, jobs and security for forest-dependent populations.

They play a key role in our battle against climate change. Forests contribute to the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity in the air. They protect watersheds, which supply fresh water to rivers.

On this first International Day of Forests and the Tree, I urge governments, businesses and all sectors of society to commit to reducing deforestation, preventing forest degradation, reducing poverty and promoting sustainable livelihoods for all forest-dependent peoples".
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the International Day of Forests, 21 March 2013








Please see Secretary-General's  Message for 2013- the 1st International Day of Forests

Yet despite all of these priceless ecological, economic, social and health benefits, we are destroying the very forests we need to survive. Global deforestation continues at an alarming rate - 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed annually. Deforestation accounts for 12 to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.


2014: This year's theme Forests & Fashion

This year’s celebration of the International Day of Forests will focus on innovative forest fibers, and how they contribute to a greener economy while being fashionable and marketable.

The celebration consists of series of events, including an art performance, a conference and an opening of a fashion exhibit.

The message is simple: our choices, even on how we dress, can make a difference and lead us towards a more sustainable world.
Forests for Fashion will show all this is possible. The invitation is available here.


More ...http://www.unece.org/forests/forestsforfashion.html

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