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The gift of music...

Well known guitar maker, C.F.Martin of Pennsylvania, will present Just Forests with one of their FSC certified range of acoustic guitars to mark their contribution to sustainable music through The 'Sound of Wood' Concerts Project.

18th May 2011

Established in 1833, C. F. Martin & Co. is the oldest surviving maker of guitars in the world. Currently the largest producer of acoustic guitars in the United States, Martin Guitar is creating some of the finest instruments in the music products industry.

Everyone is feeling the ecological and economic impact of tropical rainforest destruction, temperate forest mismanagement, global warming and species endangerment. Martin Guitar contributes to the preservation and management of natural resources through their use of FSC certified 'tonewoods' in the making of their fine instruments.

It is with this in mind that Martin's will present Just Forests with their FSC certified brand of guitar to use as they see fit in their education/awareness work on the importance of forests. 

Tom Roche, founder and coordinator of the day to day running of Just Forests will travel to Nazareth in Pennsylvania to receive the guitar and attend Martin's 'wood summit' on 18th May 2011. Many of Martin's suppliers and several of the company officials will be here to discuss the current state of wood supplies.

"We are most grateful to C.F. Martin for this great gift and I assure you we will use this guitar to advance the cause of responsible forest management and responsible timber procurement", according to Just Forests founder Tom Roche.


For more on Just Forests 'Sound of Wood' Project please visit http://www.justmusic.ie

For more on C.F. Martin guitars please visit: http://www.martinguitar.com/

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