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Have a look around your home, workplace or school. Hardly a day goes by that we don't touch wood in some form or other (furniture, joinery, musical instrument, sports goods, paper and so on). Consumers have the power to change the world by insisting on the best possible environmental standards when it comes to purchasing timber and wood-based products. Always look for the FSC logo on wood-based products. It is a guarantee for the discerning wood product consumer that yoir purchase comes from forests managed to the highes standards in the world.

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If your wood product does not carry the FSC logo ASK questions about the source of your wood purchases and DEMAND answers-remember you have the power to change trade for the better


The Best Ever Explanation of Why You Should Buy FSC Wood.

FSC Canada recently issued the FSC Story, in what Treehugger.com calls "the best ever explanation of why you should buy FSC wood." Created by Franke James, the story takes viewers on a journey through the forest and explores what each and every one of us can do to ensure that we have healthy forests and strong communities for generations to come.

Just Forests is all about Sustainable Lifestyles:

Globalization has made consumers powerful actors in our world economy. Our daily choices as consumers affect the lives of workers in distant places and the way people live. Wood is a great example of how local purchases can have either a positive or negative impact on peoples lives globally. Sustainable consumption means buying goods and services that do not harm the environment, society, and the economy.

"The two central challenges facing us are climate change and resource scarcity. If we want to continue to provide people with great products then these are things we’ll need to focus on perpetually. I think climate change is solvable – it is essentially a timing issue in terms of the world’s response and we need to speed up that response. But resource scarcity is something on which we need to get our act together as a society." (Dr. Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer-IKEA)

Wood impacts our lives in so many ways: When we buy timber and wood-based products we rarely think for a moment of the country of origin. Nor do we think if our purchases have a negative or positive effect on the forests from which our timber and wood comes from.

Just CONSUMERS is a way of guiding you to ask for timber and wood-based product from responsibly-managed forests. Look for the FSC logo next time you buy timber and wood-based products, such as paper, panelboard, furniture and joinery. For more on the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) please click on the image to your right or view this lovely video by renowned Canadian writer Franke James.

"How many people do you know that actually want to cause suffering or harm to anyone, or who explicitly want to make this planet's biosphere hostile towards their kids? Few, I expect. I know I don't. Yet because few perceive the violence that subtly - but powerfully - exists within almost every transaction we carry out today, violence and aggression masquerades as normality, and calls itself civilisation." Mark Boyle

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