Introducing woodworking classes for children - The WOODmobile.

INTRODUCING woodworking classes just for children. Children love creating items with wood...it engages all the senses...

Why not invite the Just Forests woodMOBILE to your school for a whole day of woodworking-all tools and materials supplied.

Engageing all the senses.

It has been proven time and time again that children learn best through doing. The benifits of hands-on work is astonishing. Children learn how to think by measurment, problem solving skills and creative design. Their senses will also be ignited - touch, smell, sight and sound.

Hands-on education has been around for centuries.

That is why we have started our woodworking classes for children. Messing about with wood was one of my favorite hobbies as a young boy. I learned the basics of construction by working with and watching other woodworkers make and build all sorts of useful items in wood.

You may never have built anything in your life but that's no reason why you and your children can't do some woodworking projects together in your local school.

Hands-on education has been around for centuries. Fredrich Froebel, best known for his work on kindergardens and play, has a lot to say about informal education. Froebel sought to encourage the creation of educational environments that involved practical work and the direct use of materials.

See also the Ghandian view of education here...

Be the change!

Why not book a workshop now for 2013 and start a whole NEW learning experience for your pupils. P.S. there will be a charge for this activity.

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