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China Fuels Illegal-logging in Cambodia
11th June 2013
Cambodia's deforestation is the world's third highest, after Nigeria and Vietnam, according to the latest figures from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. China is the biggest importer of timber, and the destination for much of Cambodia's beleaguered woodland.
Under the pretext of preventing hunger, the rich nations are engineering a new scramble for Africa.
11th June 2013
Strangely missing from the New Alliance agreements is any commitment on the part of the G8 nations to change their own domestic policies. These could have included farm subsidies in Europe and the US, which undermine the markets for African produce, or biofuel quotas, which promote world hunger by turning food into fuel.
Stakeholders accuse the Irish Government of double standards on the Climate Bill
11th June 2013
Government is operating double standards when it comes to the draft climate legislation.
Australia values it's not-for-profit sector
5th June 2013
Ending the gag clause in Australia - what does it mean?
Oxford University students and Alumni reject Shell Sponsorship
21st May 2013
Get the SHELL out of Oxford University
Heat-Trapping Gas Passes Milestone, Raising Fears
17th May 2013
The level of the most important heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, has passed a long-feared milestone, scientists reported Friday, reaching a concentration not seen on the earth for millions of years.
Attacked Russian forest campaigner dies
11th May 2013
OUTSPOKEN Russian journalist and environmentalist Mikhail Beketov, who was beaten nearly to death in 2008 in an attack thought to be linked to his activism, has died, his lawyer says.
CITES Secretary-General calls for urgent action to protect elephants in the Dzanga-Sanga National Park
9th May 2013
The Secretary-General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), John E. Scanlon, expressed his grave concern over the recent reports of the deteriorating situation in the Central African Republic. Information suggests that armed groups have entered and may have started to massacre forest elephants in a World Heritage Site located in the...  
Tax Transparency of Extractive Industries welcomed
11th April 2013
The agreement was passed without any exemptions, highly contentious in negotiations, as companies claimed that in some countries they would have to break national criminal laws which prohibit the disclosure of such information.
'The greatest hindrance to international climate action: political will'-states Lord Nicholas Stern
9th April 2013
A Stern Lecture: Lord Nicholas Stern Says 2013 Is "Best Possible Year" for International Climate Action. At an event hosted by WRI and the International Monetary Fund, Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the famed 2006 Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, revealed the greatest hindrance to international climate action: political will.
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