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Medicinal 'Toothbrush Tree' Yields Antibiotic to Treat TB in New Way
15th January 2013
In traditional medicine the antibacterial properties of the tree are used for oral health and to treat medical complaints such bronchitis, pleurisy and venereal disease. Twigs from the tree are traditionally used as toothbrushes.
Fifty percent increase in Rhino Slaughter
12th January 2013
Rhino poaching reaches new high!
A 4 degrees C warmer world "will be catastrophic" for forest biodiversity
10th January 2013
The World Bank report, Turn down the heat: Why a 4 degrees C Warmer World Must be Avoided provides an overview of risks and analyses associated with changes in climate.
Wildlife Ranger Murdered in Congo
20th December 2012
This chief warden was not the first ranger to have been killed in Congo by such groups of people. Thus, it seems that over 120 others have been killed while out on patrol in Congo's national parks over the past decade.
World's Biggest Bank Bailout
19th December 2012
People in Ireland have joined millions of people worldwide repaying unjust and illegitimate ‘debts’. Ireland’s repayments of the now dead Anglo-Irish Bank’s debts could reach over €47 billion by 2031 if the repayments are not suspended! That’s over €26,000 per working person. Take Action!
Chinese plywood removed from Woodies DIY Chain
15th December 2012
Controversial Chinese plywood removed from Woodies DIY Stores Call for Woodies to move on to Step 2- Get Certified.
Tell Woodies to STOP rainforest destruction
13th December 2012
Call for immediate ban on the sale of Chinese plywood in Ireland Controversial 'bintangor' plywood on sale in Woodies DIY
HSBC has bankrolled logging companies causing widespread environmental destruction and human rights abuses in Sarawak, Malaysia.
7th December 2012
HSBC has bankrolled logging companies causing widespread environmental destruction and human rights abuses in Sarawak, Malaysia. It has earned around US$130 million in return and has violated its own sustainability policies. The bank is also providing financial services to companies widely suspected of engaging in bribery and corruption. This Global Witness investigation uncovers the role...  
Stomach-churning speech by Phil Hogan at COP 18 in Doha
5th December 2012
"The Government is taking money meant for clean water and teacher training in Africa and switching it to pay for flood defences. To hear the minister tout this as "exceeding our commitment" turns the stomach." Friends of the EARTH Ireland
Ireland taking more than it gives to Africa
7th November 2012
There is a strong argument to the effect that more money is sucked out of Africa by way of Dublin than is contributed by way of aid from the Irish exchequer.
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