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U.N. slams Shell as Nigeria needs biggest ever oil clean-up
7th November 2012
A U.N. report has criticized Shell and the Nigerian government for contributing to 50 years of pollution in a region of the Niger Delta which it says needs the world's largest ever oil clean-up, costing an initial $1 billion and taking up to 30 years.
2nd November 2012
Minister McEntee said "The scientific advice is that the movement of ash timber is a possible pathway of infection, but of lower risk than for plants, which we both banned last week. Even though the risk is lower, the consequences for the island of Chalara infection mean that we have to take any this disease threat seriously and act in the best interests of the forestry sector".
Time for forestry to come out of forests!
31st October 2012
Ending deforestation has been a political goal for decades, even centuries – an unmet ambition up there with finding world peace and eradicating global hunger. The challenge has received increased attention in the past five years because of climate change and the fact that forests keep massive stores of carbon away from the atmosphere.
FSC moves forward to develop an Online Claims Platform
26th October 2012
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Historic Futures Ltd (HF) have formally entered a partnership to develop a new software system – the FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP). This platform is being designed to more quickly and efficiently validate FSC claims to match the scale and growth of the FSC system.
The Ash-and dying cultures
25th October 2012
Reading the shocking news about ash die-back, the disease that has now killed most of Denmark's ash trees and many of those across the rest of northern Europe, I was reminded that when we lose our wildlife we lose some of our stories.
Flagship Species (like Mahogany) and why they matter
24th October 2012
Opening Presentation of CITES Secretary-General Mr. John E. Scanlon* at the joint side-event during CBD CoP11 Flagship species and the conservation of the entire ecosystem: why individual species matter 18 October 2012, Hyderabad, India
Green Carbon-Black Trade Report
18th October 2012
The report "Green Carbon, Black Trade" released by UNEP and INTERPOL on 27 September 2012 reveals that contrary to recent beliefs, the international illegal timber trade persists unabated at an annual value of 30 billion USD or more; the global timber scam has just taken on new forms as illegal logging syndicates employ increasingly sophisticated methods of log laundering and tax fraud....  
EU Timber Regulation: will FSC and PEFC pass the mark?
17th October 2012
Companies facing new legal requirements as the EU Timber Regulation comes into force in March 2013 are looking for ways to reduce the risk of sourcing illegal material.
Illegal logging: a threat to Climate Change efforts.
17th October 2012
Report: Forest crime may undercut efforts to halt climate change. Timber criminals carry much more than the theft of logs on their conscience. Shady timber deals not only harm nations, people and wildlife by destroying forests; they also endanger global efforts to halt climate change.
Coillte Risk Losing 'Eco label'
16th October 2012
Coillte "restructuring" seen as smokescreen for sell-off of crucial State assets
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