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Just Forests call on LIDI to stop selling rhododendron
11th September 2016
An ecological disaster is taking place in Killarney National Park - the first national park to be established in the State. One of the world’s oldest oak forests is slowly dying – because the rhododendron infestation and increased deer population across the region is annihilating native flora and preventing new native species from growing.
Earth Overshoot Day
19th August 2016
On August 8, 2016, we began to use more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year.
Pope Francis issues dire warning- "The world is at war...but not a religious one..."
29th July 2016
"There is a war of interest, there is a war for money, a war for natural resources, a war to dominate people," "
UCD alerts gardaí to ‘theft’ of world timbers collection
29th June 2016
“People were astonished and saying they had never seen anything like this before,” Mr Roche said. “It’s the one of the finest timber collections in Europe, if not the world. It’s a magnificent collection which deserves to be seen.”
 Welcome Magdalena Bojarska - our wood botanist.
28th June 2016
‘Using wood anatomy to identify levels of non-compliance in wood products, under EU Timber Regulations (2013)’.
Policy makers meet to discuss forest conservation and ‘the future of humanity’
24th June 2016
“Illegal logging is not just a forest problem, it is also part of the financial basis of international organised crime,” Helesen said. “This is another reason why we raise this issue higher on the agenda.”
Just Forests condems the assassination of Bill Kayong
24th June 2016
Bill Kayoing's murder comes only hours after Global Witness released a report that marks 2015 as the 'bloodiest year' on record for environmental activists as 185 are reported to have been murdered protecting their natural resources.
2015: Deadliest Year for Environmental Activists Murders
21st June 2016
At least 185 environmental activists were killed last year, the highest annual death toll on record and close to a 60% increase on the previous year, according to a UK-based watchdog.
Just Forests to join Canadian rocker Neil Young’s concert at the 3Arena.
28th May 2016
NEIL YOUNG will play 3Arena on 8th June as part of the EU Rebel Content Tour and Killarney-based NGO Just Forests has been invited to join Neil’s ECO Village.
Mahogany is back on the market and its all FSC certified
22nd March 2016
After a 15 year ban from the market Mahogany is available again-this time it is FSC certified
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