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Duncan Stewart launches  our NEW Wood of Life exhibition
15th January 2011
2011- The United Nations-designated International Year of Forests - 2011   Wood of Life Exhibition Launched by Mr. Duncan Stewart (Award-winning architect specialising in ecological design and energy, writer and popular television program producer/presenter and Patron of Just Forests) Funded by Concern Worldwide and Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs See...  
Brazil's Environment Chief resigns over controversial dam...
15th January 2011
Abelardo Bayma Azevedo, the head of IBAMA, reportedly refused to grant the license due to environmental concerns. Source: mongabay.com
13th January 2011
The supply of responsibly harvested African blackwood stands to increase significantly as a result of a 700% increase in the total area of forest in Tanzania certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Launch of Just Forests EDUCATION FOR SURVIVAL Program 2011 – 2013
2nd January 2011
Invitation to the Launch of Just Forests Wild Garden
Is it too late for the tiger? The Tiger – a top predator in forest eco
14th December 2010
Wild Tigers are on the verge of extinction At the turn of the 20th Century, an estimated 100,000 wild tigers inhabited a range extending across Asia and the Russian Far East. But poaching, habitat loss, and fragmentation have relentlessly pushed tigers into smaller and smaller enclaves – in smaller numbers – to the verge of extinction. Today, there are perhaps 3,500 wild tigers living in...  
Can Cancun Save Forests?
12th December 2010
Protecting the world's rainforests is a central issue at this month's Climate Change Conference in Cancun. Huge sums are to be offered to countries that protect their forests. However, experts fear that these rewards could be misused, and that they could actually promote deforestation.
Botswana's President Khama accuses Bushmen of living a ‘life of backwa
10th December 2010
In an astonishing outburst, Botswana’s president has today described the Kalahari Bushmen as ‘primeval’, ‘primitive’ and ‘backward’.
Historic Indonesian forest protection deal at risk from industry
29th November 2010
Norway and Indonesia are about to make history. A 1 billion USD forest protection deal between these two countries could help set Indonesia on a low-carbon development pathway and become a positive model for the rest of the world
World Bank admits 'carbon offsets' don't work...
27th November 2010
This study reviews the World Bank’s efforts in mitigating climate change, which have expanded rapidly in recent years. Seeking lessons on what works and what doesn’t, the report stresses five measures that offer attractive local benefits while fighting climate change: energy efficiency; forest protection; appropriate project finance; technology transfer; and accelerated learning.
'Tonewoods' conservation Concert in Tullamore -Great Success
27th November 2010
Over 600 people came out on Wednesday night 24th November in freezing cold weather conditions to lend their support to the launch of the Just Music project with The Chieftains and special guests performing at the Sound of Wood Concert, in the Tullamore Court Hotel.
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