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Are You Ready For FLEGT Legislation?
15th October 2010
Are you ready for the new EU regulation on illegal timber? If you are trading in wood or paper products, then you should act now and start preparing for future demands for legality assurance. A growing number of companies are now enrolling in legality verification schemes, thus positioning themselves to meet these demands READ MORE
Launch of new Website
14th October 2010
Just Forests have just launched their newly re-vamped website. The site combines both the Just Forest site and the Just Music site. We hope the site will be a real positive resource to visitors.
Crackdown on illegal timber in Cambodia
14th October 2010
Ratanakkiri provincial governor Pav Ham Phan said yesterday that he had instructed civilian and military police to renew efforts to crack down on illegal logging following a series of smuggling reports received during the Pchum Ben festival. “We arrested three people and confiscated a large truck with more than 100 cubic metres of luxury wood in Ratanakkiri during the Pchum Ben festival,”...  
Consultation Call on Green Public Procurement
1st September 2010
The “Lead the Change” Conference outlined how Ireland’s progress will be consolidated and given fresh impetus by the forthcoming Green Public Procurement National Action Plan.
Gibson’s environmental reputation survives controversy over wood
20th August 2010
Gibson Guitar Corp.’s environmental record may be sullied, but its reputation hasn’t been permanently marked yet. Wednesday, August 20, 2010 Following revelations of federal authorities seizing what they say is illegal ebony wood from Madagascar, several prominent environmental groups are withholding judgment. Questions remain about the issue and its impact on the company’s reputation...  
Irish Rail using Unsustainable Chinese Plywood
13th August 2010
Published by the Irish Times Madam, While walking through Huston Station recently I was dismayed to discover Irish Rail is using cheap throw-away Chinese plywood in the hoarding of a construction job taking place there. At a time when the retention and creation of Irish jobs is on everyone’s lips it is unacceptable that any Irish company should not give preference to Irish-made...  
EU to close its doors to illegal timber
18th June 2010
New legislation governing the trade in timber and wood-based products is expected by July. A landmark deal was struck between the European Parliament, the EU member states and the European Commission on Wednesday 16th June 2010 that will see the banning of illegally logged timber from the EU market. The details of the ban are not official yet, and the legislation is not formally in place.
Haste, corruption, lack of transparency pave a rocky road for REDD
11th June 2010
After nearly two years of negotiations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), the chair, Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe of Zimbabwe, told observers this week that a decision to advance “readiness” for REDD could be one of the few concrete outcomes at the upcoming conference in Cancun, Mexico in December. BONN, Germany –...  
Wood-ology and Zoo-ology Clash at Dublin Zoo
11th June 2010
Bitter row as NGO is ordered off Zoo premises
Fighting against illegal timber exports
18th May 2010
The Republic of Congo exports more than €250 million annually in timber and timber products, about half of which are purchased by the European Union countries.
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