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Just Forests to join Canadian rocker Neil Young’s concert at the 3Arena.
28th May 2016
NEIL YOUNG will play 3Arena on 8th June as part of the EU Rebel Content Tour and Killarney-based NGO Just Forests has been invited to join Neil’s ECO Village.
Mahogany is back on the market and its all FSC certified
22nd March 2016
After a 15 year ban from the market Mahogany is available again-this time it is FSC certified
60 new African dragonfly species described
11th February 2016
Only a fifth of the nine million species of animal, plant and fungus thought to occur on earth are known. Dragonflies (which include damselflies) are generally considered well-known but researchers have recently described 60 new species, the greatest number of newly described dragonflies in about a century.
‘No evidence’ that EU's illegal timber policy is working
11th February 2016
Leaked review shows that EU law is failing to prevent $100bn a year trade in illegal timber - or that rules are even being implemented
Forest Loss Pushes Far Beyond Plantation Boundaries in South America, Africa
27th January 2016
Which of the world’s forests are natural, and which have been planted by humans?
Just Forests warmly welcomes Sri Lankan Apology for Its Role in Illegal Ivory Trade
26th January 2016
Sri Lanka became the fifteenth country today to crush and burn its ivory stockpile and the first to formally apologize for its role in the illegal ivory trade.
Kenyan youths renounce crime to protect forests
3rd November 2015
Groups of reformed youths who once sold drugs and stole from their neighbours are helping protect trees in rural central Kenya from illegal loggers.
Europe failing to clamp down on illegal logging, report warns
29th October 2015
Auditors say EU scheme to tackle $100bn global trade in illegal timber is poorly designed, badly managed and largely ineffective
Fires in Indonesia "truly out of control."
28th October 2015
Schools and airports have been closed. The Indonesian government has already spent about $200 million to fight the fires and has recently accepted help from Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Yet this year’s fires will likely keep burning for at least another month. The total economic costs may exceed $14 billion.
13 Million US Dollar Fine For Timber Company
20th October 2015
The largest hardwood flooring retailer in the United States is charged with importing illegally harvested timber from areas including forests in far eastern Russia.
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