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Ireland failing to act on illegal logging
7th July 2013
The Irish Parliament recently considered non-implementation of the EUTR, following work by ClientEarth and Irish development education NGO Just Forests. The Irish Deputy Minister for Agriculture's response gave no clear indication of when Ireland might comply with the regulation.
Fracking Threats to Drinking Water
4th July 2013
A study led by Rob Jackson of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that drinking water wells located within 1 kilometer of a shale gas well in a region of northeastern Pennsylvania are at high risk of contamination with methane.
10 weeks on: European Timber Regulation (EU TR) examined
1st July 2013
Under the EUTR, anyone selling timber and timber products in the EU must implement a system of due diligence to ensure that illegally sourced products are excluded.
Minister's statement on Coillte timber harvesting right's welcomed
20th June 2013
Just Forests welcomes the decision by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney T.D., not to sell the state's timber harvesting right
G8 Summit admits "grave concern" over slow progress of climate change action
19th June 2013
The communique also acknowledges that climate change is "a contributing factor in increased economic and security risks globally" and commits the G8 to considering how to better respond to growing climate-related risks.
Gezi Park- on a little patch of green...
18th June 2013
There can be no debating the extent of the abuse, the arrest of scores of lawyers who defend the rights of protesters, doctors who treat their wounds, clerics who grant haven to the wounded in their mosques, the nation perhaps irretrievably divided, the opposition smeared publicly as terrorists, police firing tear gas into private homes, and yes into hospitals and consulates and hotels - why would...  
Timber Group loses FSC certificate over 'unacceptable activities" in Congo
13th June 2013
Global Witness and ECCHR filed a criminal complaint against the Swiss-German timber manufacturer accusing it of aiding and abetting grave human rights violations against members of a forest community in the DRC.
The REAL cause of Poverty: Global Witness briefing explains the problem of hidden company ownership
13th June 2013
Money launderers, corrupt politicians, terrorists, arms traffickers, drug smugglers, and tax evaders all rely on two things to move their dirty money: company structures that allow them to hide their identity, and banks and other professionals willing to do business with them. Both are all-too available.
Illegal Logging Ravages DRC according to Experts
12th June 2013
Multinational companies are profiting hand over fist from abusive forestry practises in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where illegal logging, mislabelled timber and false permits are widespread, according to several non-governmental organisations.
China Fuels Illegal-logging in Cambodia
11th June 2013
Cambodia's deforestation is the world's third highest, after Nigeria and Vietnam, according to the latest figures from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. China is the biggest importer of timber, and the destination for much of Cambodia's beleaguered woodland.
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