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Beyond 2015

European NGOs set out their vision of a new approach to tackling poverty

A new approach to tackling poverty

The NGO position paper published in May proposes that poverty be looked at from a multi-dimensional perspective that encompasses a shortage of capabilities, choices, security and power as well as resources such as income. “Measurements of Gross Domestic Product fail to capture the entire picture as benefits of growth are not shared equally. We therefore propose focusing on a well-being measure rather than having a goal on income poverty alone which would be used as an overarching indicator comprehensively measuring the outcome of the whole framework. “

The interlinked nature of issues must be reflected in a comprehensive post-2015 framework which addresses all three dimensions of sustainability (social, economic and environmental).
Given the nature and scale of the global challenges the world is facing, it is no longer possible to imagine a framework which is designed predominantly for implementation by developing countries. The post-2015 framework must be universal, with global goals pertaining to all countries and all countries contributing to their achievement.

First and foremost, the principles of human rights like equality, and nondiscrimination, participation, empowerment and responsibility. Therefore the most marginalised must be prioritised including girls’ and women’s empowerment through gender equality.


1. The Progressive Realisation of Human Rights and the Application of Human Rights
1A. Equality and Non-Discrimination
1B. Meaningful Participation and People’s Empowerment
1C. Responsibility and Accountability
2. Well-Being as a Measure of Individual and National Progress
2A. Moving Beyond GDP to Measure Progress
3. Focus on Structural Change
4. Sustainability, Now and in the Future
5. Policy Coherence for (Sustainable) Development
6. Universal Framework with Universal Goals
7. Common but Differentiated Responsibility


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