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Just Forests founder arrested and receives an 'adult caution' at Tullamore Court...

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Local authorites continue to condone use of foreign imports and non certified timber.

Mr. Tom Roche, founder and coordinator of Just Forests, an Irish Non-Governmental Charity, working on forest/timber education projects was arrested, hand-cuffed, detained in custody and charged with a "Crimal Offence" at Tullamore Garda Station on Saturday 10th September 2011, for allegedly damaging plywood by painting a statement on the plywood hoarding around Tullamore Town Library building site.

"Why FSC-certified SMART-PLY panelboard, which is made in County Waterford, from the 'thinnings' of Irish forests and is providing much needed Irish jobs was not used in the hoardings is beyond belief, considering the constant appeals we hear on a daily basis from all sectors of Irish society that we must create and sustain Irish jobs," according to Roche. He goes on to state that "cheap, throw-away" Chinese plywood, which is often the results of illegal logging activities has flooded the Irish market in recent years."

Date set for Court Appearance:

Mr. Roche appear at Tullamore District Court on Wednesday 28th September, at 10.30 A.M., to face charges (ADJOURNED).

New date: Wednesday 12th October, 2011. Also ADJOURNED

New date: Wednesday 9th November, 2011 - Given an 'adult caution'.

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Here you will find a number of documents developed by Just Forests and others emphasising the importance of purchasing FSC certified and locally produced timber and wood-based products.

The following documents and reports are intended to help you realise the significance of sourcing timber/wood-based products from 'legal' and & 'sustainable' sources.

Irish Times article on buying Irish Made goods: Consumers Urged To Buy Irish - Monday September 5th, 2011.

Tuesday 8th May, 2009. Just Forests makes a presentation to Oireachtas Committee on the importance of purchasing Irish Panelboard-DEPUTY SEAN FLEMING (OFFALY) IN THE CHAIR: Environment, Heritage and Local Government Debate

FLASHBACK to what the Committee decided as a result of that presentation

**Please see presentation to members below.


Who is FSC-certified in Ireland?
If you are in the construction trade and use or specify timber and wood-based products as part of your work you can find sources of FSC-certified stock by clicking here and entering the FSC database.. If you need help please contact us here at Just Forests. Telephone: 04697 37545

Countdown to Illegal logging Legislation:
You have until March 2013 to put procedures in place to ensure all your timber and wood-based product comes from 'legal' and 'sustainable' sources. More information here...

**Presentation to Dail Committee:

Just Forests made a presentation to the Joint Committee on Environment, Heritage and Local
Government, Leinster House, Dublin.  See presentation here...

What is illegal-logging?

Illegal logging and the international trade in illegally logged timber is a major problem for many timber-producing countries in the developing world. It causes environmental damage, costs governments billions of dollars in lost revenue, promotes corruption, undermines the rule of law and good governance and funds armed conflict. It retards sustainable development in some of the poorest countries of the world. Consumer countries contribute to these problems by importing timber and wood products with no FSC certification and without ensuring that they are legally sourced. In recent years, however, producer and consumer countries alike have paid increasing attention to illegal logging.

For more information on illegal logging and its consequences please visit the UK-government supported Illegal Logging Information website.

NEW! Get Your Copy of Just Forests KNOW Your Wood Guide 2012

Just Forests KNOW Your Wood Guide 2012, will be available to purchase in November 2011. This 96-page guide is a must for carpenters, furniture and musical instrument makers, wood turners, construction companies, local authorities, timber traders, DIY outlets and all who work with or specify timber/wood-based products.

The KNOW Your Wood Guide has an introduction by award-winning architect Yvonne Farrell of Grafton Architects, Dublin. The KNOW Your Wood Guide has also receive endorsement from the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


Tullamore Tribune article 14th September 2011

Irish Environmental Network

Dr. Bill Tormey -FINE GAEL City Councillor, Dublin North-West

The Environmental Guys

An Art & Ecology Notebook

In 1994, former Labour Party Deputy, Mr. Pat Gallagher, T.D., invited Just Forests to make a presentation to his Foreign Affairs Dail sub-Committee on illegal logging issues. Mr Gallagher is the current County Manager with Offaly Co Council.
application/pdfdail_debates.pdf (2.16 MB)
Local Authorities Can Make A Difference 2001- Just Forests were part of the editorial team for this publication by WWF-UK. Local Authorities construct, operate and maintain economic, social and environmental infrastructure, oversee planning processes and establish local environmental policies and regulations.They are very close to the people and play a vital role in educating and mobilising the public and responding to community concerns. They must lead by example in today's world if we are to emerge from the economic difficulties crippling our country.
application/pdfLocal Authorities BROCHURE.pdf (2.07 MB)
First Timber Policy- A Policy For Everyone 2001 - Former Offaly County Manager Mr. Niall Sweeney, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Brian Cowen, former president of the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland (RIAI) MR Toal O'Muire and retired Managing Director of True Tmper Ltd, Mr Domnall Mac Domhnaill welcomes Just Forests timber policy.
application/pdfA Policy For Everyone 24-25.pdf (74.16 KB)
From May 2001, Offaly County Councils responsible Timber Purchasing Policy came into effect. WE developed 'Guidance Notes' for contractors and a 'stepwise' approach for implimentation. The purpose of which, was to make sure all staff members in Offaly Co Council knew who had responsibility for its implimentation.
application/pdfChain of Custody(40-41).pdf (38.85 KB)
Wednesday 25th September, 2002. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Brian Cowen, T.D., congratulates Offaly Co Council on being the first Local Authority in Ireland to adopt a responsible timber policy. "Clearly what happens at the local level can and does impact on the global level." (extract from the Ministers speech at the launch of Just Forests GOOD WOOD Policy Guide.)
application/pdfBrian Cowen-GWG-Launch.pdf (0.97 MB)
This GREENPEACE Plywood Report will help you to make the right choice of panelboard for hoardings.
application/pdfplywood-report-august08.pdf (1.28 MB)
Second Timber Policy-Timber Policy developed by Just Forests for Offaly Co Council in 2009. This is the 2nd Timber Policy we developed for Offaly Co Council as a result of their failure to put the 1st Timber Policy into practice. This policy was subsequently dismissed by the Director of Services after much debate at the Housing, Social and Cultural Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) in which Just Forests were members. The Council replaced this 'stepwise' Timber Policy for a vague substitute which to this day is most unclear as to its intentions.
application/pdfOCCtimber_policy_jan09.pdf (146.78 KB)
In 2009, Just Forests submits a Formal Complaint the the European Commissioner on Ireland's role in illegal logging matters
application/mswordEU Matters Formal Complaint.doc (4.84 MB)
Tuesday 8th May, 2009. Just Forests makes a presentation to Oireachtas Committee on the importance of purchasing Irish Panelboard-DEPUTY SEÁN FLEMING (OFFALY) IN THE CHAIR. See link to Houses of the OIREACHTAS Public documents above...
application/pdfjfpresentationmay09-final-pdf.pdf (91.8 KB)
Policy Submission on 'WOOD Procurement' by Just Forests in response to a public consultation call on a: 'Discussion Paper- Towards a National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement May 2010
application/pdfsubmission-to-doe-on-timber-procurement-august2010-1.pdf (553.73 KB)
FERN Report-Buying a Sustainable Future? Timber procurement policies in Europe and Japan.
application/pdffern-buying.pdf (1.18 MB)
Is China unique? Exploring the behaviour of Chinese and European firms in the Cameroonian logging sector- International Forestry Review Vol. 13(1), 2011 SUMMARY - Chinas growing presence in Africas extractive industries has been the subject of much debate in recent years, reflecting concerns about both environmental sustainability and the governance of resource wealth for long-term benefit. In Cameroon, since 2000 the largest timber concession in the country has been held by a Chinese company.
application/pdfChina-ACerutti1101.pdf (136.93 KB)
The New Resource Grab- How EU Trade Policy on Raw Materials- is Undermining Development. Published November 2010.
application/pdfThe New Resource Grab.pdf (3.67 MB)
Europe is using ever more of the world's resources, and is now more dependent on imported resources than any other global region. Yet we're also throwing away over 5 billion euro's worth of valuable resources every year. "To stay ahead, the EU needs to be quick in seizing opportunities and in anticipating and adapting to future trends."
application/pdfmeasuring_resource_use.pdf (1.3 MB)
Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe: A plan unveiled by the European Commission (20 September 2011) to tackle Europe's dependency on imported resources doesn't go far enough to cut waste and stop over-consumption of the world's energy, water, land and materials, says Friends of the Earth.
application/pdfRES-Efficiency-EUcom2011_571.pdf (182.57 KB)
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