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Just Forests welcomes Michael Healy-Rae's call over Killarney's 'rhododendron situation'.
22nd February 2017
Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae had some strong words about a certain flower in the Dáil chamber yesterday. The clip has gone viral on Twitter after it was shared by RTE journalist Conor McMorrow. So far, it has been viewed more than 91,000 times.
Killings of land rights activists tripled in 2016
13th December 2016
The battle over land and resources turned bloodier. An average of nearly 16 farmers, indigenous people and advocates of land rights were killed every month through November worldwide, or three times the average in 2015, according to advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP).
“Make human rights the priority in all conservation efforts” – UN experts urge governments
25th November 2016
This year’s WCC took place from 1-10 September in the US state of Hawaii – UN experts attended with the aim of advocating a human rights-based approach to conservation and biodiversity.
Environmental/Human-rights advocate receives award in Killarney
22nd November 2016
Killarney Looking Good/Tidy Towns presented the Volunteer Award 2016 to Environmental and Human-rights Advocate/Just Forests founder Tom Roche for his voluntary work in organising the Killarney Celebration of Trees events...2016
The debate is over: Earth's sixth great extinction has arrived
18th November 2016
Limiting climate change is just the start of what we need to do to forestall a runaway cascade of species extinctions, write Bill Laurance & Paul Ehrlich. We must also reverse the destruction and fragmentation of key wildlife habitats, constrain our over-consumption of natural resources, stabilise human numbers - and elect leaders determined to prioritise these issues.
 Deepwater Horizon: Everyone loses out when corporate governance falls by the wayside
12th September 2016
A new film to be released later this month (September 2016) shows what disasters take place when companies put shareholders first.
Just Forests call on LIDI to stop selling rhododendron
11th September 2016
An ecological disaster is taking place in Killarney National Park - the first national park to be established in the State. One of the world’s oldest oak forests is slowly dying – because the rhododendron infestation and increased deer population across the region is annihilating native flora and preventing new native species from growing.
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