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Saturday April 6th, 2013: Hands-on Learning - Furniture restoration with development education talk

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A big thank you to Brian McCarthy for providing all the photos taken on the day. You can follow Brian on FACEBOOK

Thank you all for organising such a great and informative day. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. There are so many skills that are lost now or haven't been transferred on from generation to generation so this kind of workshop where we learned how to breathe life back into older pieces of wood furniture is invaluable and one which has fun and practical applications in the future. Great day. Thanks.
Memories of a great day and thanks again to Tom and everyone involved. Lovely to meet such a energised group of people who want to share, collaborate and educate together using the medium of upcycling wood.
Our approach to 'sustainable development' is a vision of development that encompasses populations, animals and plant species, ecosystems, natural resources and that integrates concerns such as the fight against poverty...we have to learn our way out of current social and environmental problems and learn to live sustainably. We need to place a real economic value on the benefits to biodiversity, indigenous peoples and to minimise forest plunder, greenhouse gas emissions and strategic rainforest sinks, to reduce consequences of climate change.
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