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Putting People at the Heart of Conservation- because people matter...


Our Vision: Just Forests believes in a world where all people will have access to natural resources as a means to improving their quality of life.

Our Identity: Just Forests is A PRIVATE COMPANY committed to responsible management and conservation of the world’s forests as a means of poverty alleviation through development education.

Our Values: Human values are at the heart of our work with a particular focus on the following:
• Justice for the world’s forests and those that rely on them for their livelihood,
• Stewardship as an act of responsible forest management
• Citizenship whereby we engage in responsible consumption and recognition of the interdependence of all the world’s people.

Our Mission: Standing forests should be more valuable than cleared forest land. Stewardship of forests natural resources and services by practicing sustainable forestry should be more profitable than clear-cutting a rainforest. Preserving wetlands, grasslands and coral reefs should provide far more long-term benefits to society than parking lots, corn ethanol or new coastal shipping lanes for coal or iron ore carriers.

At Just Forests, we endeavour to change the economic mindset that fails to value natural ecosystems and ultimately results in nature being wasted or consumed by inefficient development.
Creating economic value in our natural ecosystems is one of the most powerful motivators for sustaining them. Once we start thinking about ecosystems as assets, environmental sustainability can become part of the economic fabric of society.

Conservation will be embedded in business activity – leading to an economic model that supports growth in a way that also is in harmony with nature. Such a paradigm shift of incentive – away from degrading natural ecosystems to recognizing the value in maintaining them by putting people at the heart of conservation – is the mission of Just Forests! 

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