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Become a Member-and sure why 'wooden' you?

Money dosen't grow on trees...but education for sustainable development (ESD) is priceless!


Putting People at the Heart Of Conservation Since 1989!

Just Forests focuses on the root causes of natural resource decline, thereby making a sustainable improvement. We do not engage in immediate relief projects. Your money will help us to make a real difference.


Become a Member-and sure why 'wooden' you? Please help our vital work by joining Irish Woodworkers for Africa (T/A Just Forests) from as little as 5EURO a month and make sure your children receive education for survival.

What Just Forests Stands For:

Conserving and managing natural resources is essential in the fight against poverty and as such conservation of the earth’s natural systems will only be successful in the long term if it addresses the development needs and aspirations of local communities while at the same time challenging the demands of consumerist societies.

Our Identity: Just Forests is a non-governmental organization committed to the responsible management and conservation of the world’s forests as a means of poverty alleviation in the developing world

Our Values: Human values are at the heart of our work with a particular focus on the following:
• Justice for the world’s forests and those that rely on them for their livelihood,
• Stewardship as an act of responsible forest management
• Citizenship whereby we engage in responsible consumption and recognition of the interdependence of all the world’s people.

Our Vision: Just Forests believes in a world where all people will have access to natural resources as a means to improving their quality of life.

Our Mission: To promote sustainable forest management as a means of ensuring natural resource security and reducing poverty both locally and globally by mobilizing Irish society to promote and advocate for the conservation and management of natural resources.

What Just Forests Does to Achieve the Above:

Development Education: Just Forests works with the formal and non-formal education sectors in Ireland. We employ simple hands-on methods of what is known as ‘popular education’ to facilitate attitudinal change, which embraces the core elements of ‘development education’ (DE) and ‘education for sustainable development’ (ESD).

Advocacy: working for policy change that promotes sustainable forestry, responsible timber sourcing and livelihood protection at local, national, European and international levels

Partnerships: working to create greater impact by entering into strategic partnerships with academic, corporate, environmental and conservation organisations

Networks: Just Forests is an active member of key networks and coalitions at national, European and International levels that provide a forum for education and policy development.


Members get on-line issues of Just Forests JUST ACT magazine featuring:

- Empowering actions
- Wood of the Month
- News on who is doing what in the forests
- Views and debates

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