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A new campaigning network of local and global justice organisations, Debt Justice Action, has today called on the government to stop paying the debts of the former Anglo Irish Bank / Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS). The campaign group - encompassing a strong and unique coalition of representatives from the trade union, community, faith-based, global justice, environmental and academic sectors - argues that the debts of these now state-owned institutions are not the responsibility of people in Ireland.

People in Ireland have joined millions of people worldwide repaying unjust and illegitimate ‘debts’. Ireland’s repayments of the now dead Anglo-Irish Bank’s debts could reach over €47 billion by 2031 if the repayments are not suspended! That’s over €26,000 per working person.



Just Forests has signed up to the ANGLO-Not Our Debt Campaign

History has also shown that the natural world is impacted severely as national/international debt takes hold as natural resources are seen as a means of generating finance to pay off debt.

But this is a serious problem and leads to severe poverty...more

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