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A Call for Support

Help raise Awareness and engage people in Just Forest practices

Rathcobican, Rhode, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

Thursday 26th May 2011.

NEW! My Wood EXPLORER coming soon!

Awareness raising and engaging people in practices that will change attitudes is at the heart of Just Forests mission.

So, we have decided to develop an exciting new project based on the needs of timber and wood-based product users. The 'My Forest Calendar' project will commence early in 2011 -the International Year of Forests and run for 30 months.

Thirty months is the time allowed from the date of the signing (October 2010) of the new EU legislation on illegal logging to when all timber and wood-based products entering Ireland MUST be legally verifiable (March 2013) as coming from legal and sustainable sources.

Your support is needed:

Industry: If you are in a position to financially support this project then please consider being a sponsor and be showcased to 100's of 1000's of potential customers.

A Person: Or you may wish to support the project because you care about your children's, niece's, nephew's or grand-children's future supply of natural resources.

Education establishment: Also, if you are a University with a computer science course please consider developing the programming needed to drive this project

For up to date information on ecosystem research dealing with poverty alleviation visit the Natural Environment Research Council [here...]

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