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SHELL in Ireland-2013

9th May 2013-News UPDATE: Oxford University Students and Alumni say Get The Shell Out of OXFORD


Wednesday 2nd May 2012:

Today, a Finnish icebreaker is heading to Alaska to help Shell drill for oil. Everyone has a limit - for me it's the Arctic. That's why I'm here in Helsinki to stop it before it gets there. And that's why I need your help. Take action now and stop Shell with me.

The Arctic is one of the last untouched natural areas on the planet, home of polar bears, narwhals, and other unique wildlife.

Due to climate change, the Arctic sea ice is melting at an accelerating rate, opening up the Arctic to companies in search of more oil.

It is wrong in so many ways. What would happen when an oil spill happens, I’m afraid to even think of it.

And I'm not alone. In the last three months, nearly 400,000 people from all over the world have taken action against one of the most powerful and dangeous companies that has ever existed. But we need you too. By the end of this week we want 500,000 people shouting at Shell that it must end its campaign of Arctic destruction. Click here now.

We can change things! Together we can stop Shell and other oil companies from destroying the Arctic. Not everyone can board a ship to demand that change. But today, you can email Shell and ask them to stop drilling for oil and ask 10 of your friends to do the same.

Together, we can save the Arctic!

Rosa Gierens
Greenpeace Nordic activist from Finland 


SHELL: Protest at Birr Castle:

In 1996, Just Forests organised a public protest meeting outside Birr Castle, in Co Offaly, against Shell’s appalling human rights record in Nigeria and their role in the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa, poet and environmentalist, and against the destruction by Shell of primary west African rainforest.

See pictures here.

The Pipe

Now fast forward to 2011 and SHELL are still carrying on 'business-as-usual' as the pictures here suggest.

The struggle of the small coastal community of Erris to have the pipeline rerouted away from their homes since the gas reserves were acquired by Royal Dutch Shell in 2002 has attracted little press attention outside of Ireland -- something the documentary aims to change. See the film -The Pipe

Until NOW...that is! Oil Giant Gets a Shelling David Versus Goliath Off the Irish Coast

By Jill Petzinger

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