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Y-TOP International Summer School in Killarney

Just Forests warmly welcomes Y-TOP The young Template of Peace to Killarney

What is Y-TOP?

We are a network of people, in a continuous life process where we question and explore topics of great importance and concern in relation to the needs of the human kind in these times, using the best of human knowledge and modern technology to assist the process.


We meet every year in a different country, as volunteering friends of both genders, of all ages, of different nations and of different cultural and belief's backgrounds. We meet in a humane, safe and trustful ecology in which we create, learn and explore with great depth, seeking new pathways into the future.

We believe the human, in these times, can journey anew in what it means to be and become human, and we see this vital development going on in many humans today. Within this we all can work together, share inspiration and the care to open up the ’wisdom of the heart ‘We believe that the human is not finished, but can evaluate and develop to a next stage of “organic growth intelligence”. Within this we can learn from everyone!  


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