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Just (the) GATHERING

Let's plant lots of trees to offset the CO2 emissions that will be generated by 'the gathering' ...

Over 70 million people worldwide claim Irish ancestry. The Gathering Ireland 2013 provides the perfect excuse to reach out to those who have moved away, their relatives, friends and descendants, and invite them home.

Throughout 2013, Ireland will open its arms to hundreds of thousands of friends and family from all over the world, calling them home to gatherings in villages, towns and cities. This will be a great way of stimulating much needed economic activity throughout Ireland. And while this is a very welcome initiative, it will, by its very nature generate an enormous amount of CO2 emissions. So, we are calling on the Government to support SOPP and sequester the anticipated thousands of tons of CO2 generated by ‘the gathering’.

Our children, the future generations, have the right to security of natural resources in a world that is not threatened by climate change. SOPP is about providing and protecting natural resources -locally and globally - for our children’s future. The Irish Government has an obligation to provide that security - a security that can only come about through provision of abundant natural resources such as that provided by trees - thank you. 

You can sign the petition here...

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