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Strategic Partners

Over the years Just Forests has built good relationships with a number of national and international organisations with the view to promoting missions of common interest.

Tom Roche Ltd - bespoke furniture maker/restorer

Suckin' Carbon - cooling the earth one tree at a time

Development Perspectives - actively involving people in learning

SOUND & FAIR-ethically-traded wood from community-managed African forests

WeForest - our international partner in the Just CARBON project

Concern Worldwide - working with the world's poorest people to transform their lives

UN Decade on Biodiversity - living in harmony with nature

GMIT Letterfrack - National Furniture College

TEAK 21- promotes the planting, sustainable management and marketing of high-grade tropical hardwoods with a particular emphasis placed on the welfare of small growers - community growers

Tropical timber that graces the architectural landscape of Ireland stands as a testimony to trade in tropical timber - often from illegal or non-sustainable sources - that has been carried out over the second half of the 20th century. To put something back is not only consistent with Ireland’s declared aim of sustainable development but is a moral imperative in the light of the wood resources the country uses.
Fergal Mulloy, Chairman, TEAK 21
Tom Roche (trading as) Just Forests Ltd.
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