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Legal & Financial

Just Forests has long argued that NGO's main asset is the trust in which members of the public hold them. And that trust must be earned and protected. For us, transparency is a key ingredient in NGO accountability, which in turn is the key ingredient in our quest for ever greater impact.

Just Forests are previlaged to be entrusted with public funds-tax payers money to do our work. Here you will find relevant legal and financial information. If you need any further information please contact us. For more on the importance of NGO transparancy see INITIATE -Transparancy in Action-DOCHAS AGM Confrence 2013 report

application/pdfSigned-Just Forests 2015 Audited Accounts.pdf (4.38 MB)
2014AUDITED Accounts-Just Forests
application/pdfJustForests_2014AuditedAccounts.pdf (442.81 KB)
AUDITED Accounts for 2013
application/pdfIrish Woodworkers For Africa Ltd - 2013 Financial Statements.pdf (436.22 KB)
AUDITED Accounts for 2012
application/pdfJFAUDIT2012.pdf (1.53 MB)
Just Forests Financial Management Procedures and Policy
application/pdfJF Financial Management Policy and Procedures Approved 24 05 13.pdf (142.64 KB)
Charity Status from the Revenue Commissioners-Still effective October 2016
application/pdfcharity-status-2010-1.pdf (747.76 KB)
Our Financial Policy - Do's & Dont's
application/pdfJust Forests Financial Policy Dos and Donts.pdf (223.49 KB)
Memo&ArtsofAssociation - RevisedJAN2016
application/pdfmemorandum-and-articles-of-association-of-GC2016.pdf (89.73 KB)
Just Forests Child Protection Policy
application/pdfJust Forests Child Protection P&P 09.12.2013.pdf (150.36 KB)
Our public liability insurance cover. BHP/Alliance Insurance
application/pdfJust Forests 2014 Cover note.pdf (27.6 KB)
Board Members Roles & Responsibilities revised DRAFT JAN2016
application/pdfDraft Board Members Roles and Responsibilities - Just Forests.pdf (69.1 KB)
Just Forests REVISED Constitution DRAFT JAN2016
application/pdfJust Forests Constitution Draft 04.12.13.pdf (104.57 KB)
revised DRAFT Strategic Plan2016-19
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentDRAFT 4Just Forests Strategic Plan GC2016.docx (140.81 KB)
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