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About our Printers

Our printed publications are Carbon Neutral and we use FSC certified paper


Every effort has been made to minimise the carbon footprint of our publications.
In keeping with Just Forests’ philosophy, we employ local expertise where possible and when appropriate to do so.

We use te services of Belfast-based GPS Colour Graphics Ltd. GPS are Ireland's first Carbon Neutral print company and are also an FSC certified company.

FSC is the fastest growing and only certification system in the world supported by leading environmental organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Rain Forest Alliance, Greenpeace, Woodland Trust, The Forest Trust, Friends of the Earth and of course Just Forests, here in Ireland.

By using FSC certified paper in our print publications, Just Forests are providing incentives for responsible forestry and we can be confident that our print projects are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.

The use of FSC certified paper demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. FSC certified paper tells you that the recycled or virgin fibre content of the paper comes from sources that meet FSC international standards. After all, isn’t that what we all want!

Brendan Morgan, Chairman, Just Forests.

January 2012.

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