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Ireland's Aid Promise?

Ensure that Ireland keeps its aid promise of 0.7% by 2012.


Saint Patrick’s Day 2012:

President Obama praises Ireland’s international role

On 20 March, Taoiseach Enda Kenny met with US President Obama, to mark Saint Patrick’s Day.

The full text of the speeches by President Obama and the Taoiseach are available here. There is one passage in the remarks of President Obama’s speech that we would like to highlight in particular.
That part reads:

“As I've said before, Ireland punches above its weight internationally, and has a long history rooted in its own experience of making sure that not only is peace a priority, but also that the human needs on issues like hunger are addressed. And even in the midst of a relatively austere time, Ireland has continued to step up internationally, and we greatly appreciate that.” 


Ensure that Ireland keeps its aid promise: 0.7% by 2015

The Irish Government has made a commitment to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people – to spend 0.7% of our national income on overseas aid by 2012. That's just 70 cent in every €100 by 2015.


Despite this promise, Ireland 's overseas aid budget has been cut by €222 million , a cut of 24%. We are now no longer on track to meet our commitment and are falling behind.

These cuts drastically affect the lives and livelihoods of many vulnerable people around the world. For people already living in poverty - the people we work with every day - the economic recession will hit them hardest and these people are now being forced to pay the highest price for a crisis they did not create. These cuts are already having an impact .

These are difficult times for us all but we don't care any less about the suffering of others, we don't care any less about the injustice of global poverty and we don't care any less about keeping a solemn promise to people living in poverty; people who need our support now more than ever.

Just Forests is joining with other Irish development organisation to call on the Irish Government to get back on track.

We must honour our commitment to reaching 0.7% by 2015 so YOU can make a difference. Visit ACT Now on 2015 by clicking here...

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