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The importance of the world's forests to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions cannot be underestimated. While living forests are vital to reducing carbon in our atmosphere, deforestation accounts for an estimated 17 per cent of global carbon emissions - around 1.5 times greater than those from all the world's air, road, rail and shipping traffic combined. 

Have Your Say: Your comments on two major interconnected issues that have Irish/Global implications and are advocated by Just Forests would be most welcome. They are: 

1. Blood Wood and illegal logging issues - latest comment March 2014

2. Wildlife trafficking - the illegal cross-border trade in biological resources taken from the wild, including trade in timber and marine species. NEW March 2014

3. "It's the economy, stupid."  Siobhán McGee is Proudly Made in Africa Fellow in Business & Development, UCD school of Business, Dublin. New March 2014

4. It's the economy, again. - A response to Siobhan McGee by Tom Roche of Just Forests.  New March 2014

Green Carbon, Black Trade Report can be downloaded from the UNEP website here...  "All you ever wanted to know about illegal logging is in this report"- Tom Roche, Just Forests (if you have problems downloading it please contact Just Forests and we will forward a copy to you)

“...over the past few years wildlife trafficking has become more organized, more lucrative, more widespread, and more dangerous than ever is also a national security issue, a public health issue, and an economic security issueHilary Clinton,
Secretary of State,
United States Government
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