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Development education and intercultural education are both based on respect and value for one's own culture, and promotes respect for and interaction with other cultures, both locally and globally. Both are concerned with the building of knowledge and understanding, skills and capacities, and attitudes and values necessary to enable individuals to critically examine the world, its development and its interdependencies and to act, both locally and globally, to make it a more just and equitable place.

Rathmines, Dublin. 16th October 2012

Trainee teachers and lecturers at the Church of Ireland College of Education (CICE), Rathmines, Dublin,  interact with the Wood of Life exhibition as part of their development education project. Also pupils from Kildare Place National School (KPNS) enjoy interacting with the Wood of Life exhibition at CICE.

Comment from Dr. Geraldine O'Connor,
Church of Ireland College of Education,

Student teachers and the primary school children were fascinated by the display pieces within this [Wood of Life] exhibition and by the stories that Tom Roche was able to give as background to the display. The multiplicity of resources which Just Forests had on display allowed for some very practical hands-on work.

The children from the primary school classes for instance set about sorting pieces of timber according to characteristics which they had noticed, an activity which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Dr. Geraldine O'Connor - 16/10/2012

Hosted by DICE: Just Forests wish to thank The DICE Project for hosting the exhibition. The DICE Project is a member of the SPHE Network, a group which actively promotes and develops Social, Personal and Health Education in Ireland. Click here for more on The DICE Project

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