Things to consider before you visit the Wood of Life Exhibition.

Our experience shows that many teachers are extremely busy. For some schools finding time to visit projects outside the school environment can pose obstacles.

In order to make your visit to the exhibition a truly worthwhile experience, we strongly recommend that you spend some time with your pupils researching the issues of sustainable development.

School premises cost:

Set-up and workshops  in schools costs €450.00 per day. Workshops last approximately 50 minutes with 15 minutes allowance for one class to leave while the other settles in-so you could say 1 hour per workshop. So it is up to you as to how many workshops you want. Introductory brochure and activity sheets as well as follow-on classroom project sheet can be downloaded from here
You will also find a nice poster for promoting the Wood of Life exhibition in your school and it can be downloaded from here...

We also have a NEW resource just out called Thinking TREES which will be a great addition to teachers in helping them to feel confidant in delivering a message of sustainability to pupils through existing curriculum strands and are clearly highlighted. You can view a few pages on-line here

Thinking TREES costs €9.75 each or 5 copies for 45.00 and 10 copies for €90.00. Thinking TREES also has lots of supporting materials (downloadable or iPAD) on our website here...

There is no charge to visit the exhibition (if it is in a Public Library) but you are responsible for any costs incurred in getting to and from the exhibition venue. Also we do ask any schools who can afford it to make a donation to help us continue with this very popular way of learning about the importance of the world's forests-thank you

What we offer
Worksheets or activity sheets will be provided and should be brought along on the day of your school's visit to the exhibition. They must be downloaded from our website prior to your visit. On the day of your visit the pupils will receive a welcome briefing to the exhibition by a staff member of Just Forests. There are 22 very colourful large-format panels in the exhibition along with numerous wood samples from around the world.

This is a hands-on exhibition and students are encouraged to handle and examine all the exhibits. We also allow ample time for a Questions & Answers session.

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