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Call to Irish WMF to adopt a responsible timber policy NOW

This is a report to circulate to Irish Wood Marketing Federation (WMF) to call them to adopt a responsible timber policy NOW, without any further delay.

14th June 2009

I am afraid your Wood Marketing Federation (WMF) “approach” needs updating now as the state of the world’s forests has deteriorated even more since you began drafting your “own policy position in 2007.”

Industrial logging under the guise of “Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)” is a major source of carbon emissions, a primary driver of deforestation and threatens to derail the UN process to reduce deforestation, according to a new report released by leading environmental NGO, Global Witness, at the UN Climate Change talks in Bonn, in June 2009...report available here...

The use of illegally-logged tropical timber is rampant in Ireland and I have seen many people in a position to do something about it sit-on-their-hands and ignore the problem thinking it will go away-well it won’t, at least not until it is seriously tackled. I would be most grateful if you would circulate this report to all your WMF members today as a matter of urgency.

Download Timber policy summary points and Just Forests recommended timber policy for Local Authorities below 

application/pdfTimberpolicysummary20points.pdf (68.41 KB)
application/pdfOCCtimber_policy_jan09.pdf (302.52 KB)
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