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Great news: Jewson has cleared its stores of Amazon timber!

Most logging in the Amazon rainforest is illegal - yet the builders' merchant Jewson was selling garden decking made from rare Amazon trees. That's totally not cool.

13th June 2014

Jewson’s top managers went to Greenpeace HQ to meet them.They presented the 81,345 signature petition (Just Forests also signed it) along with the GREENPEACE dossier of evidence. Faced with this, they agreed to freeze all sales of Amazon timber. 


We’re not quite out of the woods yet. Jewson says that if its investigation clears its suppliers, they might keep on using Amazon rainforest trees to make posh decking.

But we know that shouldn’t happen - because Jewson is buying its decking from proper crooks.

Jewson’s suppliers have £2 million in fines for illegal logging and forest destruction. One trashed a massive chunk of national park. Both have multiple convictions for faking papers - the very papers Jewson said proved its timber was legit.

With so many of us up in arms about its links to criminal loggers, Jewson had no choice but to stop selling this suspect timber while it works out what it has got itself into.

There’s no way that we’re going to let Jewson start selling dodgy decking again. So let’s keep up the pressure on them - and on other timber companies [in Ireland] that are gambling with the Amazon’s future.

Share the news on Facebook to show Jewson that Greenpeace [and Just Forests] is watching them and that we won’t stop until the rainforests are safe.

For the trees,


[Tom-Just Forests]


Please see our Just Forests press release of 21 May 2014 on this matter about the link to Ireland 

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