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Historic Indonesian forest protection deal at risk from industry

Norway and Indonesia are about to make history. A 1 billion USD forest protection deal between these two countries could help set Indonesia on a low-carbon development pathway and become a positive model for the rest of the world

29th November 2010

The Norwegian government’s pledge of $1 billion aids President SBY’s progressive agenda and ambition to end deforestation.The deal includes a two-year moratorium on allocation of further peatlands and natural forests for sector expansion, as well as a review of the land held by companies in existing concessions.

But this deal is at risk. GREENPEACE released a report on 23rd November 2010- ‘Protection Money’ - which outlines how the deal is in danger of being undermined, unless action is taken to protect it from notorious industrial forest destroyers in the palm oil, paper and pulp sectors. There is a potential that international money intended for the protection of Indonesia’s forests and peatlands could end up being used to support their destruction.


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