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Just Forests to join Canadian rocker Neil Young’s concert at the 3Arena.

NEIL YOUNG will play 3Arena on 8th June as part of the EU Rebel Content Tour and Killarney-based NGO Just Forests has been invited to join Neil’s ECO Village.

28th May 2016

Press Release

From: Just Forests, Killarney, Co Kerry

Date: 28 May, 2016
Contact: Tom Roche
Mobile: +353 (0)86 8049389

Killarney-based NGO invited to join Canadian rocker Neil Young’s concert at the 3Arena.

NEIL YOUNG will play 3Arena on 8th June as part of the EU Rebel Content Tour and Killarney-based NGO Just Forests has been invited to join Neil’s ECO Village.

As a way to illuminate issues Neil Young addresses on his album The Monsanto Years, he’s invited a number of respected local and international organizations to join him on tour.  As members of Neil’s “Global Village”, each organization will have a booth and the opportunity to share information about their projects with Neil’s fans before the show.   

“We are both delighted and honoured to be asked to join Neil Young’s Global Village at the 3Arena in Dublin. It will be a great opportunity for a small cash-strapped NGO like Just Forests to get our message on Ireland’s role in global deforestation out to a much wider audience”, according to Just Forests founder Tom Roche.

"Irelans has the largest per-capita consumption of tropical wood in the EU and this is contributing to global warming, climate change, species decline and human rights abuses, This must STOP if Ireland is to meet it's international obligations as a responsible global citizen." Roche states.

The Monsanto Years album has the reoccurring theme of sustainable farming, yet it also addresses a wide range of environmental and human rights issues such as illegal logging, climate change, corporate accountability, social justice, renewable energy, ocean conservation, endangered species and more. Fans attending the 3Arena concert on 8th June in Dublin, will have the opportunity to talk with organization representatives to learn valuable information about the most pressing ecological and social issues facing our planet today.  

According to Neil Young: “The Monsanto Years are here and we are living them. Monsanto is the poster-child for what is wrong with corporate controlled government in our world. The Monsanto Years, encompasses several associated subjects that millions of people worldwide are concerned about and active in. Earth is not ours. We are of the Earth. That’s how I feel. When we plunder our own home we hurt our children and their children after them. I feel responsible.”

Neil will be taking an activist ‘village ’with him, made up of a number of different NGOs, whose focus ranges from the resulting environmental and human rights issues of illegal logging, from climate change and social justice, to renewable energy and ocean conservation. The NGOs will be housed in several tents which concertgoers can explore, and where they can talk to knowledgeable people about the issues that they care about.

“We are so pleased to be able to play a small part in this celebration. Music has a way of cutting through all the hype and BS and speaking directly to us and the problems and challenges that we face. It’s so important that public figures like Neil speak out about the corporate takeover of our lives. This invitation builds nicely on our recent Sound of Wood Concert in St Mary’s Church of Ireland on Saturday evening 21st May when over 150 people turned up to hear local musicians link our love of music to our dependence on trees for the wood for our beautiful musical instruments,” said Tom.

Neil Young is no stranger to speaking out when he sees something is wrong. Throughout his career the Canadian rocker –who is amongst only a few who have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame twice–has used his music and fame to shine a light on political and environmental issues that are close to his heart.

Beyond GM director Pat Thomas, whose career has straddled both music journalism and activism,
has this to say: "Music by itself doesn't change anything. But delivered, as it so often is, by charismatic, committed and creative artists, it has a unique ability to turn up the volume on social and political issues to the point where they are impossible to ignore. Activist musicians like Neil Young are plugged in to the current desire, and urgent need, for cultural change. They can bypass a corporate media, that is fearful of challenging the status quo, and put important issues like agricultural GMOs in front of the public and encourage them to turn the message into action. We are immensely grateful to Neil for the opportunity to be included on this unique public platform and the journey it is making across the UK and the rest of

Of the UK GMO situation Thomas adds:

“The majority of people want to be GM free and believe the UK is somehow ‘safe’. Few realise that the meat and dairy they are eating is GM-fed or that the UK government is stealthily -and undemocratically -pushing ahead with plans to plant GMOs on our soil by 2017. New field trials have just been given the go ahead for GM camelina and GM potatoes and we are on track to start living the GMO nightmare that people in the Americas are so desperately trying to escape. Big public forums like The Monsanto Years tour and its Global Village are an important opportunity to open people’s eyes to what’s really going on.” 

This is not the first time for Just Forests to receive recognition for their work on illegal logging and associated issues. In 2011, the world’s largest family-owned acoustic guitar makers, Martin Guitars of Pennsylvania, presented Tom with a US Dollar1,200 ‘dreadnod’ acoustic guitar made entirely from wood from community-managed forests.

“It is FSC-certified and the first fairtrade guitar in Ireland and I use it in all my workshops with primary, post-primary and third level schools in Ireland as an education resource to let people see how corporations can get on to the ‘sustainability’ ladder.” according to Tom Roche.


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