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Launch of Just Forests EDUCATION FOR SURVIVAL Program 2011 – 2013

Invitation to the Launch of Just Forests Wild Garden

2nd January 2011

Press Release
 Launch of Just Forests Wild Garden

What: Launch of Just Forests EDUCATION FOR SURVIVAL Program 2011 – 2013
Why: To mark the UN-designated International Year of Forests- 2011. To help create awareness of the critical role of forests to our survival as a race.

Where: Just Forests, Rathcobican, Rhode, Co Offaly
When: 1/1/’11@11a.m.

See photos of launch here...http://www.facebook.com/justforests.org#!/photo.php?fbid=1688280599692&set=a.1688261959226.93275.1018011303

For the past 4 years Just Forests has been slowly establishing a base for a wildlife garden here in Rhode. Over 100 native trees have been planted. A chicken run and fish pond are part of the overall effort to introduce school children to the joys of the great our doors in a simple residential layout.

Just Forests would like to invite your readers to the launch of Just Forests EDUCATION FOR SURVIVAL Program here in our new wild garden at Rathcobican, Rhode, Co Offaly, on New Year’s Day 2011.

“We call the program Education For Survival, because that is what it is. We are at a very critical stage in our existence as a species. Our very existence and that of all life-forms on Earth is under severe and constant threat and we need to make life style changes without delay.” according to Just forests coordinator, Tom Roche.

While great work is being carried out to halt starvation and give people a better quality of life, the global population will increase to over 9.6 billion in the coming years while natural resources are declining. Where will they get their life-supporting natural resources such as fuelwood, fresh water and medicinal plants, to mention just a few?
An outdoor all-weather version of the very popular Wood of Life exhibition panels will be a permanent features in the garden here for school visits. They measure 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide and will hang on wooden frames.

The members of The Just Forest Gang invites you to the launch of Just Forests wild garden on New Year’s Day. Soup and sandwiches will be served.
Left to Right: Danielle Farrelly, Adam Cox, Ciara Cox, Tristan McDermott, Kaetlyn Farrelly, Evan Farrelly, Ella Lynch.

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