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Musicians back sustainable timber

Press Release-for immediate release. Monday 16th July, 2012. Irish NGO, Just Forests, call on Musicians to Stop the Trade in Illegal Wood

17th July 2012

"The trade in illegally-logged timber is having a devastating effect on the world's biological diversity " according to Just Forest founder Tom Roche. "We are calling on all Irish and international musicians and music lovers to help put a stop to this destructive practice, by insisting on musical instruments made only from legal and sustainably harvested wood."

Many of our beautiful woodwind instruments such as, clarinets, oboes, flutes and other woodwinds are made from threatened ‘tonewoods’ like African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon). Just Music, a project of Just Forests, links our love of music to our dependance on 'tonewoods' for our beautiful musical instruments.

"Eighty of the world's estimated 200 species of wood used to make our beautiful musical instruments are on the brink of extinction," according to Roche. 

Musicians are very important to spreading the concept of sustainability and Fair Trade in timber. Musicians wishing to support this call to action can contact Tom Roche on 086 8049389 or email tomroche@justforests.org

Let's play Fair Music with Fair Trade wood, its in all our interests. Keep Musical Instruments Free of Illegal Wood - Sign the Petition and Become a FRIEND of WOOD


Tuesday 17th July, 2012: IRISH TIMES article

The Musician Pledge states:
Widespread illegal logging is placing the world's precious 'tonewoods' which we treasure for our musical instruments at risk, and as such, the future of music as we know it. As musicians dedicated to our art and craft of protecting the earth’s natural resources, we call on everyone involved in the sourcing, crafting and production of musical instruments to join us in our commitment to eliminate all trade in illegally logged timber and forest products. We will not buy a new instrument without asking
a) where the wood comes from
b) if it was harvested legally and sustainably and
c) if it is from a certified source-preferably a forest certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards of good forest management.
We support the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) which becomes law in March 2013 and other laws that prohibit trade in illegally sourced wood.

We also oppose the efforts currently underway by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) to weaken the Lacey Act in the United States of America. The Lacey Act is the equivalent to our EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

We urge Irish and international legislators  (see also, Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill, 2011), timber suppliers and musical instrument-makers to ensure that our music has a positive impact on the environment rather than contributing to forest destruction through illegal logging. We call on all musicians regardless of your particular instrument to become a FRIEND of WOOD by signing the petition. We will also support Just Forests 'Sound of Wood Concerts' as a means of driving home the message of sustainability.

Please lend your voice to help protect forests from illegal logging.
For further information please contact: Tom Roche 086 8049389

FRIENDS of Wood - Just Forests are very grateful for the support from the following musicians and donors:
The Chieftains
Redmond O'Toole-8 string Classical guitarist
Sharon Shannon - accordion
Martin Doyle-Flute-maker and player
John O'Conor-pianist
Paul Brady-singer songwriter guitarist
Liam O'Manlaoi-singer/songwriter
Brendan Keeley - singer songwriter
Deirdre Cartwright-singer guitarist
Daithi Rua-singer songwriter guitarist
Dave Fanning - DJ
John Spillane-singer songwriter guitarist
John Paul Prior-The Music Maker Shop, Dublin
Concern Worldwide

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