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Tackling Illegal Logging and Related Trade:Report released

Tackling Illegal Logging and Related Trade: What Progress and Where Next? says efforts to address illegal logging and reduce the trade in illegal timber have borne fruit and prompted some positive reforms in producer countries. However, changes in the sector mean global trade in illegal timber has not fallen in the last decade.

15th July 2015



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Illegal logging remains widespread


Killarney, Co Kerry: Just Forests welcomes the latest assessment of international efforts to improve forest governance and tackle illegal logging.

The report, which was released today 15th July, 2015, by Chatham House in London, found that, while over the past decade measurable progress has been made to tackle the illegal timber trade and reform the industry, increased demands for timber from developing economies such as China have more than offset and progress made.

Just Forests were instrumental in getting WOODIES DIY to remove Chinese plywood –known to have contained illegally-logged wood - from all their stores in 2013.

However, while Ireland has shown some improvements in monitoring imports of timber and wood-based products in recent times progress has stalled as the report found that in 2013 a staggering 10% of imported timber was illegally logged.

Currently, Tullamore Gardai are investigating a claim by Just Forests that the African iroko used in the manufacture of 14 ‘tree-planters’ purchased by Offaly Co Council at a cost of €20,000 was not certified and is the proceeds of illegal-logging. This, according to Roche, “flies in the face of the legally-binding European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) which came into force in March 2013.”

The report's author, Alison Hoare, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, said further international action is needed to tackle the problem. "To stop further deforestation and associated carbon emissions, and to help achieve global objectives for sustainable development, the EU and US need to maintain their leadership while other countries - especially China, Japan, India and South Korea - need to step up their efforts to tackle illegal logging," she said.



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ABOUT Ireland and the EUTR:

Ireland’s score in 2014 has dropped sharply since the 2012 barometer, and it now has one of the lowest scores in the EU. National legislation has been developed for the EUTR, and was awaiting signature of the minister and attorney general as of late April 2014, but no details were provided about the contents or the penalties that will be available. The competent authority (CA) appears to be inactive and currently lacking powers, though it has made some efforts to communicate on the EUTR to operators. No evidence was provided to indicate that any coordination is taking place between the CA and other relevant departments and agencies. Specific legislation to implement the FLEGT Regulation has been drafted but is not yet in force, and no timeline for this was given. http://www.justforests.org/government-barometer-2014

ABOUT Ireland’s love affair with Chinese Plywood:

See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3rajFYd9gw

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