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Taxpayer-funded aid consultants on six figure sums...

The UK Department for International Development is directly handing individual “aid consultants” up to £223,000 a year each, according to a list seen by The Sunday Telegraph.

6th October 2012

The top payee is a former middle-ranking British police officer, now based in Jamaica, who was given almost 20 per cent more than the chief constable of his old force earned in the UK. Another British consultant receiving more than £200,000 a year from the aid budget is a former manager for the Timber Trade Federation, the trade association for the timber industry, who now runs a “sustainable forestries” programme in Indonesia.

The disclosures will worsen the political row about British “poverty barons” collecting large sums of money from the swelling aid budget.

Previously, the controversy focused on companies, such as the consultancy firm Adam Smith International, which get the majority of their income from DfID, then pay handsome sums to their own directors.

However, the latest payments were made directly by, and with the full knowledge of, DfID itself, under contracts between the department and the individuals concerned.
The overall sums paid to consultants have increased dramatically, by around 25 per cent, under the new government.


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