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The search for Ireland's most loveable tree commences.

Bill Liao, listed as an influential investor on Twitter has agreed to hug-a-tree for Just Forests fund raising initiative

19th June 2014

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Date: 19 June 2014

From: Just Forests-Tullamore

Contact: Tom Roche
Mobile: 086 8049389

Influential investor on Twitter to hug-a-tree for Just Forests fund raising initiative

The search for Ireland’s most loveable tree commences. Preparatory work for the up-coming National Tree Hugging 2014 Contest took contest organiser Tom Roche of Just Forests to Fitzgerald Park in Cork last week to meet Australian entrepreneur and WeForest founder Bill Liao. Bill (seen here on the left) has entered Just Forests’ National Tree Hugging 2014 Contest along with other notables that includes, Rachel Allen, Joanne O’Riordan, Brian Kennedy, Duncan Stewart, Michael Starrett, The King of Tory Island (Patsy Dan Rogers) and Diarmuid Gavin just to mention a few.

Liao is a venture partner with SOSventures and listed as an influential investor on Twitter. He is married with three children and lives in Cork.

“Through the National Tree Huggers 2014 Contest Just Forests aims to get people in Ireland to look around them and appreciate the fabulous trees in their locality and we are delighted that WeForest founder Bill Liao has confirmed his intention to enter the contest”, according to Tom Roche of the coordinating organisation Just Forests.

People and trees with interesting stories from all over Ireland will be taking part in the contest in 2014. Unlike in other contests, the age, beauty and height of the trees are not really that important. What is important though is the story that the tree holds.

"Making the world a better place—for you, for me, for everybody—calls for teamwork on a massive scale and for real leaders to emerge from their communities, workplaces and homes,” according to WEForest founder Bill Liao. Liao go on to say that, "businesses, NGOs, community groups and really all types of organisation work better, more fairly and more effectively when everyone contributes what they can—and everybody has something valuable to contribute, from the most junior member of the group to the most seasoned."

The participating people/trees/stories will be featured on a dedicated website at www.lovemytree.ie (under construction) where the nation gets to vote. The tree story with the most votes will be Ireland’s nomination in the European Tree of the Year 2015 Contest. The winner will also receive a hand-crafted Irish oak framed picture of their tree valued at €250made by Just Forests founder Tom Roche.

Funds raised during the contest will be shared between Just Forests for their development education (DE) work with Irish schools and WeForest tree planting programs. Just Forests are looking for Offaly-based companies to get involved in this fun activity and can be contacted at 086 8049389.

"Having spent much of my hard earned money on philanthropy and being an entrepreneur I have always wanted to make sure that if I make a contribution to a cause that the contribution I make has a sustainable benefit. So I always take the time to check into the results being produced by the recipients of any money or time that I might be contributing.” adds Liao.


Photo -  Tree huggers meet: Bill Liao is the founder of WeForest.org an organisation dedicated to promoting reforestation as a way to combat global warming while providing livelihoods to thousands of the worlds poorest people. In May 2014 WeForest announced that they have planted 5.4 Million trees to date, enabled by the donations of 100+ corporate supporters, including Just Forests. Tom Roche is a carpenter/furniture maker from Tullamore and founder of Just Forests. 

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