Why Rhode to Rio?

If you walked from Rhode in Ireland, to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil you would travel through extremes of landscapes - deserts and lush tropical rainforests

What a fascinating journey it [wood] be! 

MORE COMING SOON including a GOOGLE map of all the countries you would pass through on your way from Rhode in Ireland to Rio in Brazil.

On-line education for sustainable development (ESD):

We will also be inviting NGOs and other civil society groups from countries on the route to participate in the virtual on-line 'Rhode to Rio + You' -we mean 'business' walk -countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, all of whom export tropical timber to Ireland

This will be a great way for schools to get an overview of different landscapes and how locals are dealing with environmental challenges caused by over-exploitation of tropical rainforests on a daily basis.



Calling all FOREST Connect groups from Rhode to Rio. Please join the 'Rhode to Rio + You' -we mean 'business' walk- in your own locality.


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