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Public Procurement MATTERS

Public Procurement MATTERS to Local Business

Local Authorities can make a difference!

Local jobs, common sense and practicality lose out in Council contract.
Just Forests express concern at the failure of the Tullamore Town Council and Tullamore Chamber of Commerce to invite local businesses to submit quotes in an effort to stimulate jobs locally.

Hardly a day goes by that we do not read or hear statements from government and opposition parties on what they are doing or plan to do to stimulate economic recovery and jobs and I refer to the Government’s ‘ACTION PLAN FOR JOBS-2012: Supporting Economic Recovery and Jobs - Locally. On page 22 of the above mentioned document it states:
‘4.8.2. Local Procurement - Emphasis has been placed on the creation and support of local jobs through greater access by SMEs to procurement opportunities, including improving the opportunities for local suppliers to supply services to larger purchasers in a local authority area.’

Local jobs, common sense and practicality lose out in Council Contracts Nationwide MORE>>>

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Just Forests were part of the editorial team that produced this WWF brochure - Local Authorities Can Make A Difference
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