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FORESTS and the SDGs

For the first time, world leaders endorse a global timeline to cut natural forest loss in half by 2020, and strive to end it by 2030. It also calls for restoring forests and croplands of an area larger than India. Meeting these goals would cut between 4.5 and 8.8 billion tons of carbon pollution every year – about as much as the current emissions of the United States.

Just Forests welcomes and endorses The New York Declaration on Forests.

The Declaration is endorsed by a number of governments, some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as influential civil society and indigenous organizations.


We encourage the Irish Government to endorse this Declaration and put in place the necessary actions to ensure all timber entering Ireland is both legal and sustainable before the end of 2016.

Irish timber companies and all those who depend on forests/wood for their livelihoods have an obligation to ensure they are not having a negative impact on the world's forests and all those that depend on them.

Bringing the SDGs to life!

Just Forests will provide a slide presentation to help bring the role of forests and the SDGs to life in the coming months.


Making forests matter for the 19 SDGs

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Focus Areas for Poverty Alleviation and Forests
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