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Irish timber traders are central...to the responsible management of the worlds forests through their purchasing power.

ARE You Serious About Cleaning Up Your Supply Chain?
If You Are then -Engage with The Forest Trust (TFT)

Just Forests partner TFT hasn't just broken ground with European companies, they have even made progress in one of the most difficult places to tackle social and environmental issues head-on: China. Recently, TFT has worked with a plywood manufacturer in China to clean-up their supply line by seeking legally-verified sources of wood.

Chinese businesses are no different from businesses elsewhere—their primary objective is profit and at TFT we’re comfortable with that. If delivering Responsible Products is more profitable than delivering illegal ones, then Chinese companies (and all other companies the world over) will be happy to abide by any guidelines. The tipping point in this case depends on whether Irish customers buy this legally verified plywood. Our work is transformative; if you want Business as Usual, don’t work with TFT. But if you want to get deforestation out of your products, this Chinese achievement shows it's possible.Quote
Scott Poynton, Founder/Director, The Forest Trust (TFT)









What big Business says about FSC

The following testimonials from some of the world's major non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Businesses on why they support FSC, is very convincing. We hope all timber traders in Ireland will take the time to read what they have to say and that you will join them in the responsible sourcing of Good Wood.

The US Lacey ACT
Also of significance, is the fact that, The US Lacey ACT sees FSC as the best way forward to deal with illegal-logging. This will have some bearing on the EU FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade) Process that will be signed off by the European Commission in November 2010.

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