How its made: Toothpick
How its made: Pencils
How its made: Paper
Who Cares About the Forest?
The secret life of paper


Here you will find videos that directly support a number of activities in Thinking TREES


Please NOTE:  To access the videos use the sidebars
on this page and always make sure to have the necessary permissions in order to access the videos from your classroom!

Activity 2: Who needs forests anyway?

  • How its made: Toothpicks (start at 1:23mins. runs for 4.77 mins)
  • How its made: Pencils (Discovery Channel - 5 mins)
  • How its made: Paper

Activity 6: The FSC Race!

  • Who cares about the forest? By Franke James (FSC Canadan) (8mins)

To watch at the end of the module.

  • The secret life of paper (a video about consumer power with vox pops)(5:37 mins)

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