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Volunteering with Just Forests

We welcome volunteers to help out wherever they can because nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something




Volunteering is a great way of enhancing your C.V. Many employer's like to see volunteerism mentioned in C.V's.

Are you wondering what makes a charity good?

Before you decide whether or not to support Just Forests, you may wish to ask some questions.
The Wheel have developed a website 'WHAT MAKES A CHARITY GOOD'? to help you ask the right questions, such as:

What problem is the charity trying to solve?
Does the charity’s approach to solving that problem make sense?
What has the charity achieved to date?
Is the charity signed up to any professional standards?
Does the charity make information on its finances publicly available?

Here you will find a link to the Good Charities.ie website

Just Forests requires volunteers with experience in the following areas:

- Marketing and brand identity

- Membership development and recruitment

- Volunteer recruitment and management

- Database development

- Internet related marketing and creating e-mail lists

- Identifying and writing funding applications to diverse funding foundations

- Report writing

- Office administration

We are also looking for top class craftspeople in the following trades: Carpentry - Joinery - Musical instrument-making - Furniture-making - Wood turning

If you can help us in any of the above areas we would be most grateful.

Also we are always looking for retired teachers or out-of-work teachers to give workshops at our




Please volunteer if you can. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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