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The Irish Development Education Association (IDEA) is a national platform for organisations and individuals engaged in the provision, promotion and advancement of development education throughout the island of Ireland.

Educational change is one of those processes which has a habit of resetting itself back to how things have always been done. That’s not just an Irish phenomenon. The power of the status quo has been well documented in educational reforms across the world. It’s easier to do change on paper than in real classrooms. The message from real junior cycle classrooms and those who work in them, from research and through the recent consultation is clear. It is time for real change.(Extract from: Towards A FRAMEWORK FOR JUNIOR CYCLE published by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) - please see e-Publication below)

April 2013: Organisation Governance (pilot) Project (see The Governance Code)

Just Forests is one of 5 organisations taking part in a PILOT Governance Project during April to December 2013 under the coordination of IDEA.

1) Introductions: Why is governance important to us/our organisation? What challenges have we faced in terms of governance?
2) Introduction to the Governance Code: Why it was developed, what are the needs that it addresses (and what is left out), what the ‘code-adoption journey’ is all about. Organisation types (A, B or C)
3) Working through the code. Review each of the 5 principles, noting which areas look to be relatively straightforward and those in which will be a challenge to achieve compliance.
4) Prioritise one area and agree to work on it. Decide on how we will communicate/ support each other (IDEA website, conference calls, webinars etc).
5) Decide date and time for next meeting.   

Download IDEA's Strategic Plan 2011-2014
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